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You’re Engaged, Now What?
January 15, 2015

Tis the season to…get engaged? That's right - January is here, and engagement season is upon us. An estimated 33 percent of engagements happen from Thanksgiving to the beginning of the New Year; with families united and holiday spirit abound, couples around the globe are becoming bride-and-grooms-to-be. The Initial Frenzy But once the ball drops and Christmas lights fade, reality sets in: there's a wedding to plan. A series of questions start flurrying around, and pressure from outside parties can overwhelm the couple. Should I have my date already, it’s only been two weeks? Will we ever find the perfect ...
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I Should Have Hired a Wedding Planner
December 28, 2014

The decision to hire a wedding planner  - we've seen it time and time again. Brides, excited for a challenge, take it upon themselves to plan their own weddings. With experience in party planning and a long list of friends to help, delegating and coordinating should go down in a pinch. Right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. However capable and creative she may be, the bride ends up realizing that several factors - usually outside of her control - can end up compromising both the experience and the event. In a recent survey conducted by, the lesson learned by several hundred ...
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The Anything-But-Traditional Wedding Atop the Trump SoHo Hotel
October 9, 2014

Forty-six floors above New York City stands SoHi, the Trump SoHo Hotel's NYC venue. The glass-enclosed event space is particularly unique, providing sweeping views of Soho and the surrounding areas. On September 20th, 2014, Save the Date® used the space to create the perfect setting for a wedding high in the sky. For the bride and groom, the vision for their occasion came in the form of a gold and white themed wedding party. Casual yet elegant, the soiree took an anything-but-traditional theme, with a relaxed nature. On this late September day in beautiful SoHo, the couple and their closest ...
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Hempstead House Transformed: Save the Date ®Creates Gatsby-Themed Wedding Magic
October 1, 2014

A little party never killed nobody, according to Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's prized novel, The Great Gatsby. And at Save The Date, we couldn't agree more, which is why we created a wedding even Gatsby would marvel at. On the grounds of Sands Point, New York lies a structure of regal proportions. Dubbed the Hempstead House, the estate is home to a towering castle that hosts events of all types. On its own, the Hempstead House makes for an epic venue; however, with the help of Save the Date®, the iconic structure received a transformation unlike any other ...
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Save the Date® Saves the Day!
May 14, 2014

All of what I am allows me to save your special day! So, what am I exactly? I am a professional problem solver. I am a professional time manager. I am a psychiatrist. Oh, and I am a planner. But when the wedding day occurs, it is less about what you have planned and more about what can go wrong and how you deal with it. Picture this: a beautiful couple plans for one year. Flowers, music, food, guests, hotel rooms, favors. You name it, they did it. Down to the very ...
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Money, Money, Money – Must be Funny in a Wedding Planner’s World
April 1, 2014

So, now you are engaged (yay!) and it is time to start planning. Step 1: Budget. What is so ironic about this first (and probably most arduous) aspect of the planning is that it has to happen IMMEDIATELY after you get engaged (so romantic:)). Setting a date is very often dictated by venue availability which is 100% dictated by budget. So you really cannot wait. So why is this ironic? Because getting engaged is all flowers and unicorns, while setting a budget (well at least to most wedding planners in NYC) is torturous. Wait, backtrack a second…How do you know ...
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Upstate New York Wedding Planners & Wedding Coordinators
April 1, 2014

Every wedding planner in NYC knows that as soon as you are engaged, chances are you are already planning, even if you don’t mean to. The internet is there ALL the time and once you just “glance” at a wedding website or make a Pinterest board “just for fun” it becomes a black hole of bliss. And not to mention EVERYONE will ask where and when you’re planning on having your wedding the very second you tell them you are engaged, so you are going to feel like you must start NOW. Overwhelming? Absolutely. Trust us. ...
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