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You’re Engaged, Now What?
January 15, 2015

Tis the season to…get engaged? That’s right – January is here, and engagement season is upon us. An estimated 33 percent of engagements happen from Thanksgiving to the beginning of the New Year; with families united and holiday spirit abound, couples around the globe are becoming bride-and-grooms-to-be.

The Initial Frenzy
But once the ball drops and Christmas lights fade, reality sets in: there’s a wedding to plan. A series of questions start flurrying around, and pressure from outside parties can overwhelm the couple. Should I have my date already, it’s only been two weeks? Will we ever find the perfect venue? How extensive should our guest list be? Why are our families making us crazy? Try to calm that noise and enjoy the excitement of your new engagement. Because once you start planning it is full steam ahead! Some sound advice from the seasoned planners at Save the Date® will reassure you that planning your special day should be nothing short of stress-free (ok maybe a little)…though we can’t promise much on the in-law front.


Picking a Date
Once you’re donning a ring, many will be quick to ask when the big day is. This has potential to send some brides’ heads spinning, wondering how long they can be engaged without actually setting a date. The answer is actually much more simple than one might think: take your time! If there’s not a reason to figure out the date immediately (ie. school schedules or providing ample time for travel), don’t feel rushed. “A lot of people feel such intense pressure to choose a date immediately and that is not always the best route to go,” Save the Date® COO Ariana Gordon-Stecker notes. “Often couples choose a date, and then end up changing it because they find a venue they absolutely love and that date is not available.” The time between the proposal and the walk down the aisle is such a special window. Enjoy every minute of it, and field questions with confidence and assurance. Instead of just one date, pick a season. This way you have an answer, just a vague one.

Finding a Venue
In terms of venue hunting, many can jump to a “fear of missing out” mindset. They’ll see a venue that they love, but want to keep looking to see what else is out there. The advice here? Leave the “there is something else out there” at home! When you find your venue it’ll be one of the things you’ll just feel and know is right. Say “I do” to the venue when your gut tells you it’s right.


Guest List
When compiling guest lists, we’ve seen it all – big and small. Regardless of size, don’t let your invite list intimidate you. “Sit there and envision who you really want there,” Ariana says. “That can mean 300 people at a rocking, kick-ass party, or it can mean 20 people on the beach. Just really think hard and play it out in your mind.” Though certain factors like parents contributing to costs can complicate how large you can go, close your eyes and really picture the scene. Who do you want around you on your big day? There’s no wrong way if you feel it’s right.

Be in the Moment
Ultimately don’t forget it’s your big day, so enjoy every minute of it. The right mindset on this amazing day can make all the difference.



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