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Diary of a Corporate Event Planner: New and Inventive Tools
May 14, 2014

Our industry has evolved tremendously over the last few years. The days where being a great event planner simply meant executing a seamless conference are over. When I became an event planner twelve years ago there was a term, ROI, that I was taught but rarely referenced for years after. However the greatest impact a planner can make in today’s business environment is no longer a well-run event but providing a direct correlation between what the company spent and what was achieved for that investment. There are so many new and inventive tools a planner can use whether social media ...
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Corporate Event Planners’ Tips: 6 Major NYC Event Planning Allergy No-No’s
April 5, 2014

Corporate event planning can help you with a lot of the details that are critical to your event, almost none of which that are as important as your menu. As you’re preparing for your big event, you are going to eventually be faced with a choice of menu items. Your corporate event planners will tell you that regardless of whether you’re going buffet style, family style, or opting for individually pre-filled plates to be served to each guest, you are going to have to deal with the very real possibility of allergies and religious refusals. Corporate events are especially ...
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Diary of a Corporate Event Planner: New York City Event Planning for Outdoor Options
April 5, 2014

Any corporate event planner will tell you that event planning doesn’t mean that you need to resort to stuffy, over-crowded rooms where the temperature will go up exponentially as more people arrive. In fact, party hosts and corporate clients frequently overlook the wide variety of outdoor venues because of one simple fear: rain. What you should realize instead is that an outdoor venue doesn’t mean your group has to be exposed to the elements. Part of New York City corporate event planning means being able to find the perfect outdoor venue without having to rely on sunny weather. Every corporate ...
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