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“Finding the perfect location is a full time job, so we’ve made it ours.”

Trust our Certified Venue Experts™ to do the work for you.

We can help you or your company find the perfect venue for FREE. We spend 30 million dollars a year, as event planners in New York City. The volume of business we do, doesn’t compare with any individual corporation, or any other event planning company. Because of our tremendous buying power we get discounted rates for our clients. We get the best dates, upgrades on menus and room rentals waived. We take budget seriously, and will never waste your time by showing you places outside of your total spend.

Really, there’s no “catch” It is just that easy. There is no cost to you. If your CEO decides to return to last year’s venue, there is no invoice sent for our time.

Upon contacting us we will:

  • Provide recommendations on venues that fit your specific needs (budget, location, availability, aesthetic and capacity).
  • Schedule and attend site visits with you.
  • Provide follow up and ensure a courtesy “professional” hold on the date only available to planners.
  • Negotiate contract while achieving the best price and quality of service from the venue
    Be your advocate throughout the process until the contract is signed.
  • Follow up with you and the venue about two weeks before the event to confirm contract obligations are being met.

We are paid to market, sell and promote our venues, so it’s a win-win for both you and the space. We will customize a unique list of spaces, as event planners in New York City, that meet your specific requirements, they will all be available on the date you need it, and in the budget you requested, and the location gets a piece of business without needing to hire a sales person. From the newest and most sought after lounge, to the impossible restaurant to book, we have it covered. Want a private loft space or an event venue that no one has heard about yet? Or maybe a classic hotel ballroom you think you can’t afford? Don’t worry. We are “in the know” about the newest venues around. You can sit back relax and let us bring the venues to you. We eliminate the difficult internet search and endless calls to venues.

Still want more from the finest event planners in New York City? We have a full team of event professionals who can recommend all vendors for your event or provide full planning

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