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For some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get at Save The Date® take a look around this page. If you don’t get the answers you are looking for here, please contact us today.


How can you provide venues for free?

We are the marketing and sales arm for over 1200 venues in NYC and have an ongoing relationship with them and since we bring them so much business, they take care of our fee. How can you lose!

Since we get the venue for free, are we charged more per person?

No, in fact, Save the Date® saves you on average 15% of the prices you would be quoted if you called on your own.

I don’t understand, how can Save the Date® be free?

We bring so much volume of business to our venue and vendor partners, and are a return customer, it makes sense to them to absorb our fees. So this means, our service is free to you!

I work at one of the largest Investment Banks in the country, that is MY job here. How can Save the Date® help me?

YOU, then are our perfect client. We consider ourselves the ‘planner’s planner’ because we know that turnaround time and finding new venues is a full time job, so we have made it ours. We know what is coming onto the market place, we get to know our clients culture and the spaces they need for meetings and events, so we are able to contact you before anything opens, give our clients first opportunities on dates, and help save your firm money because while you may be one of the largest Investment banks, we work with over 3000 clients, produce over 1000 events a year, big and small and still have more cumulative buying power then any one firm can… AND HEY, IF WE DO NOT FIND YOU A BETTER SPACE, OR A BETTER PRICE THERE IS NO BILL OR COST TO YOU OR YOUR FIRM.

I am an event planner at a corporation, aren’t you taking my job?

No! And that is the beauty of our business model. We work with corporate events planners and compliment their efforts. Think of us as your secret weapon for sourcing venues and vendors. We can help make you look great to your boss!

I have already secured my venue but need help finding a florist or DJ, can you help?

Yes! We can connect you with vendors in any category that you need.

I am planning my wedding and am I half way there, is it too late to hire a planner?

We start with clients at many different parts during the planning process and even have Day Of packages. It is never too late to start with a planner and only helps relieve stress and make the process more enjoyable.

I work at a nonprofit, wouldn’t it cost me more to work through Save the Date® ?

Not at all, actually we help save you money. Forgetting about the hours it takes to research the venues, make the calls to the spaces, check availability, set up the appointments then follow up for contracts, menu selections etc., your time costs the company money and takes you away from servicing your donors or your internal/external clients. We are paid to do all of that for you. In addition to the time we save you, we also produce and plan approximately 30 million dollars in events a year, so while you may have an annual benefit or even a few, we represent such a volume of business that our pricing is lower than listed quoted rates in general.

If I use Save the Date® for referral services and then decide I need event planning, is that a possibility?

Absolutely. We can custom tailor a consulting package to fit your needs exactly. Whether it is corporate, nonprofit, social, weddings or anything in between, no event is to big or small to not benefit from an event planner!

Can I bring in vendors that I want to work with or that I’ve worked with in the past?

Think of us as a consultant to advise you on the best in the business to meet your exact needs. If you already have someone you like to work with, we can absolutely work as a team player. This is why events are not “one size fits” all, and we get that.

Does Save the Date® assist on or plan events outside of New York City?

Yes, we work all over the country on all types of events. Contact us here to find out more!

How experienced is Save the Date® with fundraising? We’re a nonprofit and we need help!

Save the Date® has a full development team ready to assist in all of your fundraising needs. We can set up a call or meeting to go over your specific goals and tailor a program accordingly.

I’m a new bride. How will Save the Date® be able to help me in ways other wedding planners cannot?

Save the Date® is a team who works with all different types of event clients. Where some independent planners only work on weddings, we are constantly sourcing all types of venues and vendors so are able to pass this knowledge and competitive pricing knowledge on to you. In addition you have a team of event planners all briefed on your special day, so the more support the better!
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