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Founder’s Message Photos by Diana Frank


“We do not think our way into new action, we act our way into new thought.”

I’ve heard the quote “If you build it, they will come.” I think, “If you need it and they need it and they ASK for it, well, then build it.” After working as an event planner for 3 years, I thought of the concept for Save the Date® from a need in the industry I saw for clients to be able to get “parts of the whole,” and not just the entire planning service. Many planners, such as in-house Corporate, Nonprofit and individual brides, start out needing a space for their event. They were so busy, that the time it took to research, negotiate and schedule a site inspection AT AN APPROPRIATE VENUE took days or weeks. Let’s face it, it’s a full time job…so we made it ours.
I realized, Planners needed to find the perfect space and the venues needed sales, marketing and promotion…. Light-Bulb, there is a business in this. What was just an intuitive problem solving solution turned out to revolutionize the event planning industry. All people planning their firm’s event or nonprofits do not need a replacement of themselves, they just need someone to do the legwork, work out the details, negotiate the prices and get contracts in ‘sign-off shape.’
So, Save the Date® was born! Founded 25 years ago, as a simple solution to assist planners in their quest to find their ideal venue, has become an award-winning event planning company, specializing in providing and understanding the best experience for the attendees. Through our constant sourcing and diverse clients, we are known as “the planner’s planner” because we have the reputation for intuitively understanding not just the business itself, but its network as well.
From new and exciting locations, to a unique and interesting way to invite guests, or adjusting the floor plan to avoid lines and creating a different ‘run of show’, we are experts in the logistics. We know that our clients require immediate turn-around, and we work tirelessly to minimize your spend while maximizing your return on investment, all while upholding the expectations and timelines you set forth.
We’ve expanded our services and our cities through organic growth and listening to our clients’ needs. It’s never been a matter of ego—we aren’t called J.G. Events. We at Save the Date® know that each client and every event is different, it’s not ‘our’ event, it’s yours. We are in the business of creating joyous parties and flawless execution.
We started as a free location referral source for companies planning conferences and events. Our clients then wanted us to stay on to help them plan more and more events. From there we were hired to plan the entire conference, as we are more cost effective than hiring an internal planner. So we started a consulting arm of the company. How you use us and for which services, is up to you. We get it. You wouldn’t stitch up a wound yourself, or build a home without experts, so let us help you. We know that practical is beautiful, that a good event is all in the details. You can have the best food, the most incredible flowers, and a gorgeous venue, but if your guests have to wait on line to check their coats, or can’t get a drink, that’s all they’ll remember. Save the Date® can save your event, because we never lose sight of the guest’s experience.

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