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Diary of a Corporate Event Planner: New York City Event Planning for Outdoor Options
April 5, 2014

Any corporate event planner will tell you that event planning doesn’t mean that you need to resort to stuffy, over-crowded rooms where the temperature will go up exponentially as more people arrive. In fact, party hosts and corporate clients frequently overlook the wide variety of outdoor venues because of one simple fear: rain. What you should realize instead is that an outdoor venue doesn’t mean your group has to be exposed to the elements. Part of New York City corporate event planning means being able to find the perfect outdoor venue without having to rely on sunny weather. Every corporate event planner here at Save The Date, likes to remind her clients to keep their options open to everything that we have to offer. Our venue selections go through a rigorous process before we put them on our list, and we can tell you exactly how to have an outdoor event without being a slave to the elements. With more than 2,000 different venues to offer you for New York City corporate and non-corporate event planning alone, we can always find the perfect place for your event.

When it comes to these outdoor activities, keep in mind that you will be exposing your party to the public. This means that crashers may invite themselves in, but if you take proper precautions, you should be able to keep this to a minimum. Instead of worrying about party crashers or a rainy day, consider how your guests would enjoy the outdoor environment more than being stuck indoors all day long.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your event private, we at Save The Date encourage you to consider chartering a private cruise for your party to take place on. Not only do these prevent any crashers from attending once the ship has left the dock, but the afternoon on the water is often one that people cherish for a lifetime. You can arrange for all of the amenities that you would normally find on land, including the catering staff of your choice, when you charter a boat as well. You just have to have everyone on the dock and ready to go at the same time.

When it comes to New York City corporate event planning, people often overlook the historical private residences that are available for rent throughout the city. There’s nothing quite like hosting a party in a botanical garden or a historical landmark that you and your corporate event planner have arranged to be yours for the entire day. Your guests will be delighted by being surrounded with history and beauty. Here at Save The Date, we frequently encourage our clients to consider such fascinating and historical options for their New York City event planning needs. Whatever outdoor activity you have in mind, from a rooftop restaurant to a casual day in a historical park, let a Save The Date corporate event planner help you arrange for exactly what you are wanting. Encouraging unique and memorable moments for your New York City event planning needs are our specialty, and we know how to find exactly what you need.

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