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Hempstead House Transformed: Save the Date ®Creates Gatsby-Themed Wedding Magic
October 1, 2014

A little party never killed nobody, according to Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prized novel, The Great Gatsby. And at Save The Date, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we created a wedding even Gatsby would marvel at. On the grounds of Sands Point, New York lies a structure of regal proportions. Dubbed the Hempstead House, the estate is home to a towering castle that hosts events of all types. On its own, the Hempstead House makes for an epic venue; however, with the help of Save the Date®, the iconic structure received a transformation unlike any other for Nick and Ric’s Great Gatsby themed wedding this past summer.  

From its forty rooms to its waterfront views, all 50,000 square feet of the Hempstead House embody the spirit of the Gatsby-era. Elegant and authentic, the venue was the perfect choice for Nick and Ric who dreamed of such a themed event to celebrate their marriage. As it stood, the venue has housed numerous events in the past; but to bring the couple’s vision to life, some transformations needed to occur.


And occur they did. Starting with the 60-foot high foyer, a fountain stood as the centerpiece of the room. As the floor needed to serve as the dance floor, this posed a bit of a problem to the structural setup. Without hesitation, the quick minds of Save the Date® jumped to a solution and built a raised dance floor three feet above ground – and, of course, above the fountain. The room was transformed instantly, and served as the perfect space for attendees to celebrate Gatsby style.

Outside, an equally awe-inspiring structure came to life as a meticulously crafted tent sprung up on the grounds. Geometric shapes lined the top of the tent, and a wood-paneled floor paved the way for the ceremony to take place. Where once was just grass became a focal point for the event, and a space that Nick and Ric would always remember.

A combination of a beautiful venue, a fearless vision, and inventive, creative minds who love Gatsby and the Golden Age, all came together to bring Nick and Ric’s perfect day to real life. Check out some more photos below and get inspired; with Save the Date® handling your event, the sky really is the limit.





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