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Your NYC Conference’s Grand Finale
April 10, 2014

Save the Date® is one of the premier event companies NYC has for corporate events and conferences. We know this business like the back of our hands. We know that you or one of the event companies you’ve hired has put a lot into your conference plans already. You’ve found the perfect venue in NYC, managed to get everyone rooms, and you already have a workable schedule that incorporates everything your conference needs to cover. It’s been a long road already, but the biggest evening planning need still lies ahead: The final evening’s main event. Event companies ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Registration for NYC Events
April 5, 2014

When was the last time you attended an event that required you to pay at the entrance? Remember those days? As one of the very first event planning companies NYC has seen, Save The Date® remembers!! It was chaotic! People would start queuing as early as the afternoon yet the event started at nine o’clock at night. Sometimes event planning companies (even in NYC) would find typos that led to more delay as they rectified the error. You can imagine serving about 5,000 NYC residents in one night. Thankfully for hard-working NYC event planning companies, those days are long gone. ...
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Tips from Event Planners in NYC: 4 Decoration Mistakes to Avoid at Your NYC Party
April 5, 2014

Event planners in NYC will all tell you that the key mistake that people make when trying to decorate for their NYC party by themselves is in their decorations. When it comes to New York City event planning, you need to have your party planned by professional event planners if you’re going to avoid the standard faux pas that self-decorators often face. To help you understand what’s in, and what’s overdone, here are 4 decoration ideas to avoid in any kind of party.   1) Self-Seating – When it comes to a NYC party where there’s going to be a meal served, ...
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Corporate Event Planners’ Tips: 6 Major NYC Event Planning Allergy No-No’s
April 5, 2014

Corporate event planning can help you with a lot of the details that are critical to your event, almost none of which that are as important as your menu. As you’re preparing for your big event, you are going to eventually be faced with a choice of menu items. Your corporate event planners will tell you that regardless of whether you’re going buffet style, family style, or opting for individually pre-filled plates to be served to each guest, you are going to have to deal with the very real possibility of allergies and religious refusals. Corporate events are especially ...
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Upstate New York Wedding Planners & Wedding Coordinators
April 1, 2014

Every wedding planner in NYC knows that as soon as you are engaged, chances are you are already planning, even if you don’t mean to. The internet is there ALL the time and once you just “glance” at a wedding website or make a Pinterest board “just for fun” it becomes a black hole of bliss. And not to mention EVERYONE will ask where and when you’re planning on having your wedding the very second you tell them you are engaged, so you are going to feel like you must start NOW. Overwhelming? Absolutely. Trust us. ...
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How to Use a Goodie Bag Effectively at an NYC Event
March 28, 2014

All event planners in NYC know to offer goodie bags at their events – well, not as huge as the Oscar goodie bags, but they are goodie bags either ways. This should not cost you anything. The biggest tip event planners in and out of NYC will all tell you to look for companies that are willing to offer their products (there are in plenty in New York City). However, if the budget allows, you can look for fun things to include in the gift bag.   Event planners in NYC will be the first to tell you that the products offered ...
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