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Your NYC Conference’s Grand Finale
April 10, 2014

Save the Date® is one of the premier event companies NYC has for corporate events and conferences. We know this business like the back of our hands. We know that you or one of the event companies you’ve hired has put a lot into your conference plans already. You’ve found the perfect venue in NYC, managed to get everyone rooms, and you already have a workable schedule that incorporates everything your conference needs to cover. It’s been a long road already, but the biggest evening planning need still lies ahead: The final evening’s main event. Event companies know that for every NYC conference, the final night is expected to culminate in a big show. Whatever you’re planning for this grand finale, you and your event companies’ planners know it has to be big. It needs to outshine every other event that’s taken place at your conference. While being related to the overall NYC conference, this final event needs to be one of celebration and fun, something that makes the entire conference worth coming to.
We know that you want your NYC conference to be all about learning new material and furthering your presence as an overall industry leader. But that’s what the bulk of your conference has been about. When it comes to event planning, we here at Save The Date want to help you throw the grand finale of a lifetime. This is the moment that everyone has looked forward to all during the conference, and you need to make sure that it’s perfect.
Here at Save The Date, we will help you determine the perfect style of grand finale for your specific NYC conference. Event planning of this nature takes a little more effort than putting together the rest of your conference plans. For this, you will need to find an appropriate celebratory activity that will be welcomed by the attendees of your conference, while not being too out of line from the overall tone of the conference itself.
The more traditional approach to this grand finale is a formal dinner party coupled with an awards presentation to recognize the leaders in your industry and those who have made the greatest improvements in the past year. Event planning such as this requires putting together menus and arranging for catering, but can be accomplished with enough work.
For a more modern take on this event event planning companies in NYC like Save the Date® suggest that you could consider hosting a themed celebration with a light dinner, followed by an evening of dancing once the awards have been handed out. This creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere of enjoyment, especially with an open bar. If you’re looking for something that is more high class, however, the dinner and the awards ceremony can be held in different locations with formal dress required, but your attendees should be given plenty of notice about this manner of event. Creating a vast venue change in the form of an evening of adventure can likewise be the perfect ending to your NYC conference. For this once in a lifetime experience, consider chartering a boat to take your conference attendees on a tour along the Hudson River, or relocating your attendees to a rooftop restaurant with gorgeous views of the city around sunset. Don’t think you can? That’s what the job of event companies in NYC are for! Honestly, the only limitations to the magnitude of this event are your imagination, which good event companies in NYC know how to mold the imagination into reality!

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