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Tips from Event Planners in NYC: 4 Decoration Mistakes to Avoid at Your NYC Party
April 5, 2014

Event planners in NYC will all tell you that the key mistake that people make when trying to decorate for their NYC party by themselves is in their decorations. When it comes to New York City event planning, you need to have your party planned by professional event planners if you’re going to avoid the standard faux pas that self-decorators often face. To help you understand what’s in, and what’s overdone, here are 4 decoration ideas to avoid in any kind of party.
1) Self-Seating – When it comes to a NYC party where there’s going to be a meal served, never let your guests seat themselves. When guests are permitted to find their own seats, you will inevitably end up with people who want to be seated together, but can’t. At the same time though, the assigned seating does need to be handled with class. You need a way to help guests find their assigned seats without resorting to color coding the tables.
2) Mixing colors – For any type of party, color coordination is important. Unless you are specifically hosting a party with a rainbow theme, you should have two specific colors for everything to be. A third color is acceptable in some cases, but your New York City evening planning specialist will be the first to tell you that any more than three will result in clashing.
3) Flowers – It is okay to have flowers at your NYC party. Flowers have long been a classic decoration element. However, if you are going to use flowers, make sure that they will survive for the duration of the event. One of the biggest decoration errors you will see is the inclusion of flowers that begin to wilt before the event has ended. Make sure all of your flowers are properly cut and given the water they need to survive. Some species of flower simply won’t flourish in any conditions once they are cut. Your New York City event planners can help you make the right decision for these.
4) Overcrowding Surfaces – Another very common sin that is committed by novice decorators is the overcrowding of decorations on surfaces. Whether the surface is destined to be where your guests eat, a center piece for decorative purposes, or a platform to serve food or play music from, you can’t have it so packed with different decorative elements that it becomes unable to serve its purpose. Make certain that there is room enough for the surface to do what it needs to do, without your guests needing to resort to awkwardly pushing decoration elements around in order to eat their dinners.
So long as you keep these basic decoration concepts in mind, you will be able to decorate for any occasion. As with any NYC party, sometimes leaving the details to the professional New York City event planning unit is the key to success. Trust your details and decorations to the Save The Date event planners, and never worry about decoration faux pas again.

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