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How to Use a Goodie Bag Effectively at an NYC Event
March 28, 2014

All event planners in NYC know to offer goodie bags at their events – well, not as huge as the Oscar goodie bags, but they are goodie bags either ways. This should not cost you anything. The biggest tip event planners in and out of NYC will all tell you to look for companies that are willing to offer their products (there are in plenty in New York City). However, if the budget allows, you can look for fun things to include in the gift bag.
Event planners in NYC will be the first to tell you that the products offered in goodie bags should be consistent with the theme of the event; products used at a NYC conference should be very different to those offered at NYC birthdays. If the event does not have a theme, use the location theme. For example, a simple NYC party can have products with a New York City theme. However, ensure that the products have a personality touch of the event owner. And if you’re not sure about what to do, well that’s what event planners in NYC are there for!
The items in the bag should not necessarily be edibles; use hair products or face products if the event is a woman’s affair. Socks, ties or cuff links can be a good addition to a man’s goodie bag. The idea is to be as creative as possible. Do not limit yourself to conventional products. You can even target the pets of the guests. The important thing is to make a lasting impression. Search far and wide; you can even ask for suggestions from friends or your employees.
The packaging should not cost a fortune. Since we are keeping things low profile, you can use recycled packaging like old gift baskets as long as they are the same and are enough for all the guests. If this fails, of course you can ask for a small placement fee if you do not have suitable packaging bags to ensure you are within your budget.
New York City event planning can run from music themed parties, to sports, to private parties with nothing more than a get-together theme. Think of the theme of the party as you plan on the type of packaging to use. Customize it to suit the event.
The card should not only convey the intended message but should also be attractive enough not to end up in the bin. Personalized notes will always find a special place for preservation, perhaps near the bedside lamp amongst those treasured framed photos.
Once goodie bags have been packaged, they will need to be compiled for shipment and respective distribution. For large events this may take a while. If you do not have enough employees to do this work, then you can outsource this work to a logistics company and to NYC event planners (it’s one of the things we know how to do best.) The gift bags should get to the event in time. The contrary will be a disaster.
Distribution of the gift bags at the event should be done in an organized fashion. The best way to distribute is to hand the gift bag to the guests as they enter the venue. If there are special guests that you have targeted, then placing the gift bags near their seats would be ideal.
Goodie bags are of course trendy and a good marketing strategy. Everything should be in line with the theme of the event; the products, packaging and the cards. Otherwise, they will look like a cheap way to market your services or the products in the gift basket. At the end of the day these are just some of the things that the event planners NYC based and otherwise will tell you. If you ever feel overwhelmed by this or just don’t have the time to make it your top priority, then of course reach out to one of the many event planners NYC has to offer.
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