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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Registration for NYC Events
April 5, 2014

When was the last time you attended an event that required you to pay at the entrance? Remember those days? As one of the very first event planning companies NYC has seen, Save The Date® remembers!! It was chaotic! People would start queuing as early as the afternoon yet the event started at nine o’clock at night. Sometimes event planning companies (even in NYC) would find typos that led to more delay as they rectified the error. You can imagine serving about 5,000 NYC residents in one night. Thankfully for hard-working NYC event planning companies, those days are long gone. Online registration has revolutionized this process completely. Some benefits event planning companies in NYC have experienced have been listed below:
1. Easy and fast registration – Party planning companies have two choices of using an online system: use an e-ticketing service or purchase online registration software for your own use. This can be integrated with your website such that visitors who come to view current events on your site may register immediately if they so wish. The online registration system is very easy to use. Potential participants will just visit your website then use the online form to fill in the required details: personal and payment details. This information is relayed to the company’s database instantly.
2. Instant confirmation – The online system has an automated email responder which acknowledges receipt of all the details and payment. It is also easier to keep count of all tickets sold. For example, if it was an NYC Party event, the potential attendee will be notified whether there are any remaining slots. The system will also let the person know which part of the room is vacant. The scarcity of slots will increase the chances of ticket purchase.
3. Secure data submission – All sites that have an ecommerce element have a security system to ensure all confidential information like credit card details are encrypted for security purposes. This security system is updated constantly to eliminate chances of being hacked.
4. Actual-time reports – All the details captured through the online form are instantly relayed to your data base. Events like NYC weddings need instant tallying of the attendance confirmation. If the invited guests have been requested to confirm attendance by a certain date, then the number that will have been confirmed by that date is what will be used to budget for food, beverages, seating capacity and many more. At save the date, a grace period of two weeks is given for attendance confirmation.
5. Safer environment – Going green has been the environmental theme for quite some time now. Luckily the online registration system rids all paperwork making it a very green technology. It also eradicates handling of paper work in office thus establishing a clean and safe working environment for you and your employees.
Event planning companies have little choice but to adopt the online registration system. While the e-ticketing service may seem enticing since you will just get the total number of tickets sold, it is wise to have your own so that you can create a database of frequent participants. Event planning companies can then use such information for marketing purposes; for example you may randomly choose one or two people from your lists and databases to attend a future event of their choice as a surprise gift. This is an act that will create a buzz all over the internet amongst their connections for your event planning companies’ NYC reputatuion!

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