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Wedding Save the Dates: Electronic vs. Physical Mail
December 30, 2019

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Word of warning: Your wedding engagement will lead to a flurry of activity that you might not be quite prepared to manage. With so many things to arrange, remember that as soon as you have firmed up your wedding venue, you want to send out save the date notices to your guest list. This helps keep you on track with your wedding planning.

Today you’ve got the option to go digital or use snail mail for your save the dates. Here are the pros and cons our wedding planning experts have identified for each option.

Pros for Digital Save the Dates

No doubt, digital save the dates are an easy choice. With so many other things to do for your wedding planning, they have many benefits including:

– Reduced cost: You don’t have to pay to have your save the dates customized, printed and mailed.

– Reduced time: You can simply grab your email lists and send everything in one go.

– Engaging designs: Digital save the dates come in an impressive selection of designs, allowing you to customize them to suit your theme, colors and tone.

– Eco-friendly: More and more people are using evites and digital save the dates in an effort to be more eco-friendly. If you’re planning a green wedding, a digital save the date and evites are a must!

Cons for Digital Save the Dates

There are also some cons to digital save the dates. The best way to decide if they’re right for you is to ask yourself a few questions:

What type of wedding are you planning?

If it’s a traditional wedding, then you probably want to stick with snail mail as it will help set the tone for your wedding theme.

Who are your guests?

If you’ll have a lot of older people attending, they might not be easily reached via email. In fact, some might not even have internet access.

What about tech issues?

Even if older guests have email, they might not understand how to respond. And let’s not forget spam. There’s always a good chance your save the dates might end up in spam folders. Imagine how many potential missed responses that could mean, not to mention some angry people who might think they aren’t invited!

Pros for Paper Save the Dates

When wedding planning there are many reasons engaged couples still go the old-school paper route including:

– More dependable: You can reduce the risk of people not receiving them.

– Traditional: If you’re planning a more traditional wedding you set the proper tone using paper save the dates.

– Beautiful designs: You’ll find a larger assortment of customization options allowing you to design the perfect save the date.

Cons for Paper Save the Dates

For the most part, paper impacts your time and budget the most. However, it can also be a turn off for people who are very green-minded. If this is the case, there are plenty of eco-friendly paper options to help keep everyone happy.

If you’re still on the fence, you do have one more option: Do both. Send digital save the dates to your mail list. Then print a small amount of save the dates for people you feel won’t get the concept of the digital option. Problem solved.

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