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Picking a Venue for Your Holiday Party
November 14, 2019

As the years go by, that company holiday party you throw every year can get harder and harder to plan. Although many companies like to find one good venue and stick with it, some prefer to try something new each year. Whether this is your first holiday party, or you’re looking for a new hot spot for your guests, here are our tips to pick a venue sure to make your party a success.

Consider Your Budget

Corporate event planning is always heavily reliant on a set budget. You have to consider every aspect of your holiday party, so you better understand any extra costs. Here’s what you need to ask when it comes to price:

– Are decorations included, and are there staff available for set up included in the price?

– Are tables and chairs extra?
– What about linens?
– What is the per person cost for food and beverages? Does this include wine at dinner?
– Is equipment such as special lighting, AV, sound system, microphones, etc. included?
– Will there be special clean up fees following the event?

Nothing is worse than making assumptions about fees for costs you thought were included!

Choose a Central Location

Location can be a challenge for corporate event planning. You want to make it easy for everyone to reach your venue. When in doubt, go with something close to the office/place of business. This way you know people are able to travel there without additional expense or effort.

The Right Vibe

The nature of your business and your company culture are major factors in choosing the right vibe for your venue. Are you a hip ad agency? A somber law office? A boutique retail shop or hair salon? The wrong vibe might make people feel awkward. A standard venue like a hotel is very generic but can be themed and work well for large corporate groups. A local funky restaurant with eclectic décor, drinks and menu might be good for smaller more intimate holiday parties for say an agency, independent retailer or salon.

Size & Type of Venue

Remember a big determining factor will be the number of guests and the type of holiday party you wish to plan. Some questions to ask yourself might include:

– How many people will attend?

– Do you want a casual or formal event?
– Will you have dancing or some other form of entertainment the venue will need to accommodate?
– Are you willing to contribute funds for an overnight stay at a spot outside of the city?
– Do you want a sit-down meal or a less formal buffet?

All of these questions will help you choose your venue accordingly for your corporate event planning.


If the space you choose is simply that, a space, you’ll need to understand how they work with outside vendors such as caterers, equipment rental companies, DJs/bands, etc. Some spaces might even have recommendations for commonly used vendors that can often save you time and money.

One final tip: Have a few event dates chosen so you can be more flexible if your first-choice venues are booked. 

These corporate event planning tips will help you find the ideal venue for your holiday party.

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