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DIY Holiday Parties in a Pinch: Throwing a Rocking Holiday Party
December 3, 2014

The holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a few (or a heap) of your closest friends? Holiday parties on the homefront are perfect for someone on any budget, and can be executed with just a pinch of work and a whole lot of holiday spirit. So grab your friends, cover all bases, have a cocktail and enjoy!

Spreading the Word

In today’s day and age, sending out invites via snail mail can be pricey, inconvenient, and impractical for those of us with procrastination tendencies. E-vites are popping up more and more, becoming increasingly popular for events of all types. They’re customizable, instantaneous, and bring a bit of joy to everyone’s otherwise mundane inbox. Head over to a free online graphic editor such as PicMonkey, Canva, or Punchbowl to start designing and spread the word. Added bonus: with everything digitally documented, managing your guestlist just got that much easier.

Theme and Decor

Setting a theme is a crucial element in throwing any event. In this case, it can be done with a few quick adjustments around the home. Stock up on disposable party decorations, or even use what you have around the house. Have items that aren’t holiday themed? No problem; grab a can of spray paint and customize with shades of silver or gold for an added flair. Try Simply Spray for a touch of non-toxic, non-flammable glam. Christmas lights strung around the house and a few lit candles will also add a warm and festive vibe.

bites and snacks

Bites and Snacks

Your menu should be delicious, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Passed hors d’oeuvres and small appetizers can be prepared in advance, allowing yourself and your guests to enjoy them at the time of the party. The Food Network has some easy, elegant recipes to get those creative juices flowing. From Spinach and Goat Cheese tartlets to Crostinis, there are ideas for any palette. Check out their slideshow here and get inspired.


It’s no secret that cocktails are key to warming up any soiree. Put a holiday twist on some classics with recipes for drinks such as Eggnog Martinis, Peppermint Kisses, and Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martinis. For bigger batches, try a Festive Hot Cider or a Rum Punch to serve the masses at ease. Mini candy canes and Hershey Kisses can make for adorable, themed garnishes that can be added to appropriate recipes.



Sure, everyone loves Christmas music. But just how much of it should be played at your party? Balance between classic and contemporary by assembling a playlist of traditional songs with a modern twist (think Mariah Carey remixes). Yuleplay has an extensive list of holiday playlists that can change the vibe between traditional and dancey. Spotify also has themed radio stations that you can use without having to give a second thought to what’s coming on next. Feel out the vibe of the your guests – who knows, after a few eggnogs everyone might just be in the mood to dance.

Most of all – enjoy yourself! The holidays are a time to kick back, relax, and be surrounded by the people that are important to you. Do you prep work in advance, don’t stress, and enjoy!

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