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Advice Column: Picking a Wedding Venue
November 27, 2019

picking a wedding venue

The first step in planning a wedding is picking a wedding venue. Your venue will be the headquarters for your wedding, with all the other elements coming together in this one all-important location. Here we show you all the elements you need to consider when picking a wedding venue.

Wedding Theme

Not everyone has the budget to choose a completely theme-appropriate wedding venue. However, you can consider the basic ideal of your wedding theme to help narrow down your list. For example, if you want to have an edgy glam theme, a barn wedding probably won’t work. Instead, consider the elements you wish to incorporate from your theme into your venue and decide the types of venues that will work well. Keep in mind that many basic wedding venues can accommodate just about any décor, whereas a specialty venue might be too specific for many themes.


Although your flowers might not be a top priority from the get-go, they will eventually play an important role in your theme and décor. A garden wedding, for example, would not require too many floral arrangements while your standard wedding hall would. You want your flowers to complement your venue. For example, a barn wedding would be ideal for wildflowers or tall stalks of sunflowers, while a
sophisticated hotel would call for more glamorous arrangements such as simple white orchids or clusters of elegant white lilies. Your venue will also influence your centerpieces. A barn wedding with long trestle tables would require several smaller arrangements, while a boutique hotel would call for a single tall arrangement per table.


Consider what your photographer will have to work with at your venue. For example, is there a lovely outdoor area with a garden, forest, bridges and other landscape features that might make your photos more impactful? Are there interesting architectural features inside such as a dramatic staircase, imposing fireplace, or intriguing fountains? A stunning view from your venue such as mountains, a lake or a city skyline all help create memorable wedding pictures as well.


Lighting has become a very important décor element at weddings. They can be used to add drama, softness, romance and magic. Make sure your venue provides the latest in lighting technology such as:

– Pin spot: A beam of light used to highlight certain focal points such as your cake, the centerpieces on the tables, or the DJ station.
– Color wash: This provides a blanket of color from walls to décor. To get more techie you can even have these lights programmed to change intermittently. They are an easy way to incorporate your theme colors to a venue.
– Gobos: These lights use stencils to project designs and patterns on the wall, ceiling or floor including your names or initials.
– LED: LED lights are used often at weddings as they can be wireless and also programmed to change colors. They can also provide more concentrated, vibrant colors.
– String lighting: Also called fairy lights, these can be strung just about anywhere to create instant magic.

If your venue doesn’t offer lighting options, you can ask our wedding planners to find a professional to provide the lighting you desire.

Destination Wedding

If you are going the destination wedding route, hire a wedding planner specializing in exotic locations. They’ll know how to work with international vendors and venues to help avoid issues such as language barriers. They’ll also have valuable advice for things such as appropriate flowers for the area, appropriate attire, weather conditions, such as hurricane season and more.

Keeping these things in mind when picking a wedding venue will help you find the idyllic setting for your reception.

Let Save the Date® Help Plan Your Wedding

Save the Date® understands that finding the best wedding venue can be overwhelming. We have the expertise to help plan the dream wedding you have always imagined.

Whether you want us to plan the whole thing, or just assist with certain elements, we’ll do the hard work.  

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