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Winter Wedding Tips
February 21, 2020

Planning a wedding in the winter? Congratulations! The snowy season can certainly make for a picturesque and memorable event. However, it may also require some unique planning to make it the perfect day. On top of the regular arrangements and preparations of a wedding, the colder weather typically takes certain considerations for location, attire, food, and beauty. Here are some different tips to ensure you get a picture-perfect winter wedding:

Prep your look for winter winds

Blustery cold days and whipping winds likely aren’t on your guest list, but they may arrive uninvited to the party. It’s important that you and your partner prepare yourselves for the effects of cold, thin air on both your skin and hair. If you’re prone to dry skin, be sure to stock up on a high-quality moisturizer that will help keep your skin hydrated throughout the entire day. 

Or, if you’re dealing with hair loss, realize that the winter air may cause increased thinning. You can plan to prevent any further hair loss by trying out a treatment ahead of time so you’re confident in your locks on your big day. Lastly, if the forecast is looking particularly windy, bring along an extra-strong hair spray to keep your hair in place throughout the night.

Use warm accessories

Those cold winds don’t just affect your look, however. They can also chill you, your spouse, and the bridal party to the bone while taking photos. Try incorporating some shawls or wraps for the bride and bridesmaids, and save room for warm leggings under dresses (or even suits). Additionally, clear umbrellas can add a magical, yet practical touch to photos in rainy or snowy weather. This will keep everyone comfortable and happy throughout the entire event.

Then, consider your guest’s own jackets and shawls. Consider giving them an extra hand by providing a coat check at the reception. This will help keep the event organized, but will also keep the ceremony pictures looking clean while helping your guests relax for the night.

Add seasonal touches to the reception

Whether it’s through flowers, food, or the overall look, including the season in your reception can add a special touch to the event. Pansies, pussy willows, and English primroses are some of the many flowers that bloom in winter and can add a unique natural flair to your centerpieces. Candles and pinecones can also add warmth to your space while tapping into the wintery season. Check out some winter centerpiece ideas to get some inspire and plan your decor.

Alternatively, you could include some winter fruits in your dinner or desserts. Cranberry and lemons grow well in the winter and could add a nice seasonal element to your cake decoration or flavor.

Planning a winter wedding can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Simply taking a few steps to personalize your day and prepare for the season can go a long way in making your wedding uniquely beautiful. If you want some additional information on how to make your event winter-friendly, consider hiring an event planner to offer professional advice on how you can make your day your own. And don’t forget– the day is yours so make sure it’s one you’ll love to look back on for years to come!

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