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Healthfully Ever After – Wellness in Weddings
September 26, 2014

In a recent Newsday feature, Brooke Showell sheds light on a current trend in weddings. As more and more people ditch party busses for Pilates, a trend of “healthfully ever after” seems to be taking form.

Last year, newlyweds Arielle Fierman and Lee Haspel channeled the theme of health and wellness for their November wedding. A fitting mantra indeed, as the bride is a nutrition and lifestyle expert, and also host of Glamour’s healthy cooking video series, “Treat Yourself.” The two are known proponents of wellness and healthy living, and as such found a wedding filled with elements of their lifestyle to be just the angle they wanted to take. From place cards nestled in fresh grass to taking yoga glamour shots in the middle of NYC, wellness was embedded in every step of the planning. And, of course, it shone brightly on their big day.

A similar nod to making healthy choices, Lilly and Niklas de la Motte were inspired by the fact that their outdoor wedding venue bordered a farm. Save the Date’s Jennifer Gilbert suggested making wedding decorations out of the local produce to embody the landscape of the area. The concept took off with flying colors, as vegetables started replacing traditional centerpieces. “It was different than saying Table 8 – it was the asparagus table,” Gilbert says. Combining the menu with the wellness theme also made for healthy, delicious local delicacies that became the talk of the event. From fresh fish caught by local fishermen to decadent wine from Hamptons vineyards, their community was the name of the game, and gave a personal touch to their black-tie affair.

Between Soul Cycle bachelorette parties, Wedding day yoga, and smoothies instead of sodas, wellness trends are finding their way into modern day event planning – and much to the delight of attendees. For more stories and ideas, head over to Newsday’s cover story here.*

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