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Valentine’s Day For All: Outside-the-Box Ideas for Singles and Couples
February 5, 2015

Some may say it’s a Hallmark Holiday, while others give in to its cheesy traditions. Whatever the case, we know this: Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and believer or not – it’s an excuse to celebrate. Whether you’re spending it with your closest (remaining) single friends or planning an intimate date night with your significant other, there’s a multitude of fun, outside-the-box ways to spend the day. Check out our ideas for inspiration below!

For all the single ladies…

Organize a secret admirers gift giving sesh. A week before, round up your single friends and do a Secret Santa-esque grab bag using everyone’s names. On the night of, meet at a bar or someone’s house for cocktails and the gift exchange. From traditional flowers and chocolate to the bolder and unexpected, your girls will spice up the night with fun and creative gifts. Not to mention – no one goes home empty-handed.

Host a matchmaker party. Grab your friends (and friends of friends), and spread the love with a singles party. Set the mood with Valentine’s colors, and of course themed food and drinks (no one can resist Love Potion #9 – grab the recipe here). Feeling extra cheesy? Set up a Valentine-making station to dish out to your friends and romantic prospects. Remember, it’s not Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Polish off the night by serving (and devouring) this decadent chocolate mousse.

Host a matchmaker party

Setup a celeb crush movie night. Who needs a date when you have countless George Clooney movies to watch? Queue up your dreamiest actor’s movies on Netflix and treat yourself to an eye candy marathon. Don’t forget, popcorn and wine make a perfect pairing.

Have an epic girls’ night out. Use the night to embrace your singleness and hit the town as a pack. Try an activity like karaoke or bowling, where you can be as goofy and boisterous as you’d like and show all the couples on dates that girls really do have more fun. Who knows, you may get some free drinks out of it — or at least some epic Instagram photo opps.

Have an epic girls’ night out


 For the taken romantics…

Play a game of truth or dare. Whether you’re years deep or in the early stages of your relationship, an old fashioned game of truth or dare can be just the push your night needs. Begin by writing out five dares on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Then ask each other questions – however risqué you may like – and whoever doesn’t answer has to select a dare.

Set up an indoor picnic. Arrange a spread on your living room floor and cozy up with some surrounding pillows. For some background entertainment, pick out a romantic movie or album to set the scene. The menu will of course be important, so try some classics with a twist – like lemonade with a splash of whiskey, or skewers of Greek salad to feed one another.

Set up an indoor picnic

Plan an alternative date. Try something you know your significant other would love, but you normally don’t go out of your way to do. From scheduling a video game marathon to buying surprise tickets to a Broadway play, using your time and energy in a selfless way is the perfect way to show you care.

Host a chocolate tasting party for two. Grab a selection of chocolates – from truffles to bonbons – and figure out their perfect wine pairings (see Wine Folly’s easy tutorial here). Assemble a romantic table – lit by candles of course – and have the chocolates and wines laid out to choose from. To go the extra mile, prepare a tasting template to indicate which types are which. Feeding each other chocolate and wine is sure to make the night extra sweet.

Host a chocolate tasting party for two
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