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The Best & Worst of Every Wedding Season
December 23, 2019

wedding season

It was the best of seasons…It was the worst of seasons…There’s no doubt that one of the biggest challenges of wedding planning is choosing the date. While many people consider summer to be “wedding season,” our wedding planners’ would like to show you the best and worst of the different seasons to help you find the best timing for your wedding date.

Winter Wedding Season


– Freshly fallen snow is very romantic while providing a perfect white backdrop for your wedding.
– You can still create a lovely outdoor wedding using portable heaters and romantic wedding attire a la Dr. Zhivago.
– More venue options are available, and your ideal venue could also become more affordable!
– Casual winter weddings allow you to create a cozy setting that is laid back and intimate.   


– Conflicts with holiday events or Valentine’s Day in hand with winter getaways could reduce attendance.
– A snowstorm can ruin your wedding interfering with travel and making everything wet and slushy.
– Winter days are shorter, which can make it more difficult for good wedding pics.
– You’ll need an extra layer to keep warm adding more to the wardrobe budget for you and your wedding party.

Spring Wedding Season


– Cherry blossoms and tulips are abundant at this time of year offering a lovely brush of pastel inspired colors.
– Spring sees a bit of a lull for social activities so more friends and family will be available to attend.
– You can go sleeveless, long sleeves or whatever style you prefer in this in-between weather.
– Spring lighting is ideal for flawless photos.


– There’s a higher risk for rain or even snow depending on the date.
– It’s allergy season so you could have a runny nose and red eyes, not to mention a lot of sneezers attending.
– You definitely need an indoor wedding with the unpredictable weather.  
– Prices rise but better weather is not guaranteed.
– It becomes more difficult to book venues and vendors as the wedding season heats up.

Summer Wedding Season


– You’ll have better menu options including locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables.
– Summer weather is more predictable.
– Longer days mean more photo ops.
– You choose indoor or outdoor, both work.
– You can book your wedding later in the day when it’s not so hot.
– You’ll have more choices for your floral arrangements.


– Weather tends to be sunnier, which also means hotter.
– You might not look as picture-perfect due to sweaty makeup and less cooperative hair.
– Summer attendance becomes a challenge as more people are on vacation.
– You might have competition with more people getting married in your circle.
– Venues are harder to book and more expensive.
– Summer sunlight is harsh and not ideal for photoshoots.

Fall Wedding Season


– Cooler weather makes things more comfortable.
– Fall leaves are stunning and provide an idyllic backdrop for wedding photos.
– Fall colors are excellent inspiration for color schemes.
– You still have long enough days to take advantage of daylight.
– You’ll have more venues available and at better prices.


– You might have fewer out-of-town guests as they could have used up all their vacation time in the summer.
– You could have a fading tan and drier skin which can be difficult to hide with makeup.
– Indoor weddings are safer at this time of year due to dropping temperatures as well as unpredictable storms.
– Although you will have more venue options compared to summer, being limited to indoor weddings can still make it competitive.

Many couples are discovering wedding season is not limited to the summer. These pros and cons offer helpful insight to help you expand your choices.

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