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Tips for Stress Free Wedding Planning
December 16, 2019

Stress Free Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve officially told your friends and family, set the date, and are ready to embark on the journey of wedding planning! Although planning the details of your special day should be exciting, this experience can feel a little overwhelming at times. It’s easy for couples to begin to feel burnt out or exhausted. Before you start mailing those never-ending guest invitations or start choosing the perfect wedding color palette, here are a few tips to keep you stress-free as you plan your special day. 

Eat Right and Exercise Daily

Following a healthy diet and daily exercise plan is probably a tip you’ve heard a million times for managing your stress and improving your happiness. However, this is for good reason. Creating these habits will have a significant impact on your life during and after the wedding planning. In addition to your new fitness routine, find a well-balanced diet plan that is going to help you achieve your goals. Following a diet plan consisting of proper nutrition can counterbalance the impact of stress, strengthen your immune system, stabilize your mood, and reduce blood pressure. 

After you have set your wedding date, view the next couple of months as a timeline for setting a fitness goal. By exercising regularly, you will begin to notice not only a change in the way you look but also the way you feel. A change in nutrition and fitness will give you energy and a beautiful, natural glow for your wedding day. 

Rest and Relax

Most adults require 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night. Poor sleep has been linked to weight gain, a weakened immune system, and has a negative effect on your emotions and social interactions. All of these side-effects can jeopardize your ability to plan and celebrate your wedding day. Develop a healthy sleeping schedule months before the night of your wedding to sharpen your attention, curb inflammation, and ultimately lower your stress levels. 

It can seem like you’re always busy when you’re planning a wedding. One minute you’re sending out save-the-dates and the next you are trying to put together the perfect seating chart. Your schedule can get pretty crazy and it’s easy to become burnt out. When planning starts to feel like too much, take a step back and remember to breathe. Picking out the details of your special day should be exciting and an experience you look back on fondly. Don’t forget to take a day or weekend to just relax, read a favorite book, or binge-watch that Netflix show you’ve been hearing about! 

Just Breathe

One of the easiest solutions to combating wedding stress is to just breathe. When you’re constantly replying to vendor emails or dealing with unintended mishaps, it’s understandable why you feel short of breath. Pre-wedding stress can make it hard to remember to breathe in and breathe out. Although this tip might seem small, deep breathing exercises can reduce your stress levels and keep you focused throughout your day. Set aside a time in your day to meditate or download a deep breathing app to help you remember. 

Ask For Help

Asking for help is one of the best things you can do for yourself during wedding planning. Reach out to members of your bridal party for their input and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks that you are unable to get accomplished in time! Remember, people love you and want you to have the perfect wedding day you’re imagining. Additionally, don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes you need to prioritize your time for yourself and others will understand! 

Planning for your wedding might have some moments that feel stressful, but overall the experience should be enjoyable. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to step away and take a few moments to yourself or to focus on finding ways to destress. In the end, the details of your wedding will come together and you will finally get to celebrate and enjoy your beautiful day!

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