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Save the Date® Event Planners Say Events Need Timelines
April 5, 2014

Save The Date® event planners will all tell you the secret to hosting a magnificent party all boils down to the timing of your different events. Party hosts commonly make the mistake of either over or under structuring the party’s timeline for their guests. Either timing situation is equally bad, and must be avoided in order for your guests to have a good time at your event. In order to keep your NYC event planning experience perfectly scheduled, event planners suggest that you should rely on Save The Date to help you out. The most common timing mistake our event planners see at Save The Date® is introducing far too much structure to the events at hand. It won’t matter how wonderful the entertainment is if you cut it off at precisely 37 minutes into the performance. This kind of overly strict timeline observance doesn’t take into account the enjoyment of the guests. At Save The Date® our event planners know that at the end of the day, your event’s success hinges on the enjoyment of the guests!
The party that is structured so that the cake cutting must occur at precisely 5:05 pm, because the band will begin playing at 5:15, will be one where your guests feel pushed around and rushed from activity to activity. This will result in your guests becoming unhappy because they weren’t permitted to fully enjoy the activity that you had planned, and will make your party feel incomplete. Regardless of the care that goes in to your NYC event planning, having such a strict schedule will ruin everyone’s time.
On the other hand, a party with absolutely no structure will leave your guests open to the possibility of becoming bored. If the party begins at 3:00, with cake, full service buffet, music, and dancing available all throughout, the party will take on the atmosphere of a poorly planned college reminiscent fraternity kegger rather than a professionally designed event. Here at Save The Date, our event planners always work with clients to prevent such disasters from boring your guests into taking a nap under their table.
Your party does require some structure, but not so much that your guests feel as if they are back in military school. The best approach is to provide plenty of time for each factor of your party’s atmosphere, but to be able to move along to the next item when it becomes apparent that your guests are ready for a change. For example, the band doesn’t need to be playing during dinner, but some musical entertainment between the dinner courses might be a wise idea.
Your NYC event planning specialists from Save The Date® will help you to understand the difference between these two party extremes, and help you to find the perfect middle ground that your party needs. The atmosphere of the party will depend on these entertainment elements. Our event planners at Save The Date® understand these details, and can walk you through keeping your event moving along at just the right pace. Your guests will feel more relaxed, and your party will take on the natural atmosphere that will encourage your guests to have fun and create new memories. Don’t be nervous: anything you can’t handle, we at Save The Date® are happy to handle.

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