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The Magic of Mathematics Creates Chaos at Guastavino’s
October 27, 2014

cha•os: ˈkāˌäs/ noun
A state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything. The simple theory of chaos is seen frequently in our everyday lives – but it may be much more prevalent than we all realize.

On October 14, 2014, New York City’s Museum of Mathematics set out to recognize this frenzied notion of chaos at Guastavino’s by hosting their annual gala in its honor. Dubbed the Chaos Ball, the soiree took over Guastavino’s and brought with it hundreds of guests to celebrate under the arches of the 59th Street Bridge.

With a stunning display in decor, design, and thematic detail at the lavish Guastavino’s, the event went off as another success from the joined forces of MoMath and Save the Date®. Approximately 300 guests attended the ball, whose theme centered around chaos in mathematics and paid homage to those who have studied it. As such, Guastavino’s was primed and ready for a chaotic takeover. The museum’s latest participatory artwork (inspired by a chaotic attractor, of course), Julia’s Stars, was displayed prominently and caught guests’ eyes as they walked through the venue. Magician Mark Mitton charmed guests during cocktail hour, with tricks drawing from the frontiers of chaos and cards. And the evening’s honorees, actor Alan Alda and mathematics guru Steve Strogatz, were greatly celebrated for their contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of mathematics. The two held an entertaining and interactive talk during the dinner hour, delighting attendees with inspiring conversation – a perfect compliment to a night of Guastavino’s delicious food and drink.

A little more about chaos in case you are intrigued: In mathematics, chaos governs many disciplines, from meteorology to biology to physics and beyond. The behavior of these systems can be unpredictable and nonlinear, affecting us beyond our control. Thus making the study of chaos – or, the science of surprises – extremely important in our modern world.

Relive the chaos of mathematics with some photos from Guastavino’s below.

If this is what chaos inmathematics looks like, we want to be part of the equation!

If this is what chaos in mathematics looks like, we want to be part of the equation! If this is what chaos in mathematics looks like, we want to be part of the equation!

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