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Top 10 Favorite Holiday Party Giveaways Your Employees Will Love
October 31, 2019

holiday party giveaways

The holiday party is one of the most important in the corporate event planning world. With deadlines, stress and the daily grind, a holiday party provides a rare moment for you to show your appreciation to your entire team. It’s easy to blow this opportunity by sticking with standbys when planning your holiday party. Here are our top 10 favorite holiday party giveaways your employees will love.

1. Tree Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are an emotional gift that is generous and thoughtful. Choose a neutral themed ornament that is pretty and would fit on any tree. Safe bets would be white or silver snowflakes or pinecones, little birds, reindeer, etc. Just keep in mind some people might not celebrate the season, which can be a little awkward.

2. Holiday Entertaining Gifts

‘Tis the season of entertaining! There are many elegant entertaining items that can be useful this time of year. Holiday-themed wine stoppers, little cheese knife sets, a set of holiday napkin rings, wine/bottle openers, are all useful items for hosts.

3. Cozy Holiday Blankets

A warm flannel or fleece blanket is a substantial gift that everyone can use when the weather is cold. A rustic design in plaid is thoughtful and personal while still being neutral enough should some people not celebrate the holidays.

4. Portable Chargers

These little bad boys can provide power for most phones as well as other handheld devices. They are compact so they can be carried in purses or pockets and provide some juice in those emergency situations when a phone is dying with no outlet in sight.

5. Tote Bags

Eco-friendly holiday party giveaways are ideal for companies that are trying to support a green culture. You can go with something neutral, so the tote is suitable for anyone.

6. Travel Mugs

Most people will love this for their morning coffee, tea or cocoa. It’s seasonally suitable, but also can be used every day. Because of this, avoid going holiday crazy with the design! Stuff them with hot cocoa, mulled cider spices, or K cups!

7. Holiday Tea Light Holders

Another pretty item people will enjoy over the holiday season is holiday tea light holders. Pretty designs such as snowflakes, reindeer, etc. are elegant seasonal details that provide a gift that can be used year after year.

8. Holiday Cookie Cutters/Ready Made Cookie Mix

The holiday season whips harassed people into a baking frenzy. Whether it’s for school events, cookie exchanges or family gatherings, having another pretty holiday cookie cutter allows people to create pretty cookies in a flash. Add a ready-made holiday cookie mix to make it even more fun.

9. Picture Frames

A little picture frame is always a thoughtful item. Employees can choose their favorite face to place in the frame and keep it on their work desk.

10. Treats and Sweets

The holidays aren’t complete without an endless supply of treats and sweets. Higher-end chocolates, cookies, cake pops, popcorn mixes, etc. are always appreciated during the season when we all feel less guilty indulging our sweet tooth!

These holiday party giveaways help make your corporate event planning a little easier. In fact, with some clever corporate event planning skills, you can make everyone happy without breaking the budget!

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