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Giving Back with YAI and Selfhelp
June 26, 2015

“Changing the world is a walk in the park.” On Saturday, June 6, and Monday, June 8, Save the Date® was honored to produce events for two incredible organizations, taking steps towards supporting this byline and making some serious change in the world.


Central Park played host to YAI’s event on the first Saturday of June. Thousands attended the Central Park Challenge to support the people with developmental disabilities and their families. With a rich program outlining the day, activities such as a 3K Fundraising Walk, Junior All-American races, and the 2nd annual Thomas A. Dern 5K Run brought children and families together. This event was much more than a fundraiser; YAI describes the day as “an opportunity to educate society that no one should be judged or labeled based on their deficits.” And that it was. Sharing their mission of helping others achieve the fullest life possible, YAI’s network of agencies offer a range of services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On Saturday, June 6, their message was clear, and the thousands in attendance enjoyed an incredible event with an abundance of positives.


Two days later, a spring cocktail benefit was held to support another amazing organization: Selfhelp Community Services. The setting was the Grand Hyatt Hotel in midtown, where attendees enjoyed a cocktail reception, award presentations, and a seated dessert. Founded in 1936, Selfhelp was instituted to help those fleeing Nazi Germany maintain their independence and identity as they formed new lives in America. Almost 80 years later, the organization continues to help Nazi victims with housing assistance, home care, employment services and summer camp for children. At the event, awards such as the “Fulfilling the Promise Award,” the “Caring for Generations Awards,” and the “Lifeline of Hope Award” were given to Martin Greenfield, Benjamin P.D. Schrag, and Evelyn J. Wolff respectively. Their work has inspired, touched, and changed the lives of many.The benefit was a beautiful tribute to the work Selfhelp has done, and event proceeds are going directly to enrich the lives of those they serve.


Save the Date® is honored to work with these organizations. Learn more about YAI and Selfhelp here.



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