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Types of Food People Love at Holiday Parties
November 8, 2019

food people love at holiday parties

Every party has its fair share of picky eaters, people with allergies and just plain can’t-please-‘em guests who will turn up their noses at even the most well-chosen menu. The bigger the party, the harder it is to choose a menu that everyone will enjoy. That’s why we’ve put our corporate event planning heads together to come up with a list of the food people love at holiday parties.

Best Hors D’oeuvres

Every party needs some scrumptious Hors D’oeuvres to welcome guests. Some of the food people love at holiday parties include:

– Bruschetta is an old standby but has lasted the test of time thanks to the yumminess and simplicity of the toasted crostinis topped with garlicky tomatoes and basil.

– Antipasti board platters are another Italian classic that allows people to get their veggies with an assortment of seasonally colored roasted and pickled choices.
– Mini empanadas are a hand food ideal for balancing with a cocktail in your hand and they can be filled with all kinds of things from meat to vegetables.
– Sushi is a cocktail hour go-to and the rice helps sop up the booze!!
– Mini meat and vegetable pies are delicious and hearty choices that are easy to eat and can be filled with decadent holiday delights.
– Nut mixes combining sweet and salty flavors make an excellent little parcel of tasty treats that can be cleverly served in festive paper cones.
– Chicken wings are a big favorite but can also be met with some trepidation by people not wanting to get too saucy at a company event!
– Charcuterie meat and cheese boards are perfect left on tables about the room so people can nibble when they feel peckish.

Yummy Mains

Next is the main event. Whether you’re doing a sit-down meal or a buffet here are some choices that make for happy, well-fed guests even on a tight budget:

– Meat and vegetable skewers served with a nice assortment of sauces and salads are a healthy choice for holiday parties.
– Sandwich buffets are great for less formal events and can be even more fun with a BYO approach.
– Barbecue buffets might seem out of place in the winter, but they are heartwarming and filling with tons of great sides like beans and mac n’ cheese for vegan guests.
– Carving Stations are a more upscale choice where people can choose from roasted meats like ham, turkey or prime rib with elegant sides like asparagus, roasted winter root vegetables and Parisienne style potatoes. Not so great for vegans though!
– Sit down formal holiday meals such as turkey or ham are always show-stoppers.

Holiday Dessert Station

Indulgence is always acceptable during the holidays and a dessert station works wonders for morale! Include:

– Cupcakes decorated with festive icings and motifs in all different flavors are always popular or you can opt for full-sized cakes for a more formal gathering.
– Doughnuts are very trendy right now, especially specialty flavors that are less traditional.
– Macaroons are beautiful additions to any dessert station in every color of the rainbow.
– Gourmet popcorn mixes are also very trendy with candied popcorn, sweet nuts, pretzels, chocolate drizzles and more.  
– Holiday Chocolate is a must and you can even consider a chocolate fondue with assorted fruit and cakes for dipping.
– Beautifully decorated cookies are perfect for nibblers!

The food people love at holiday parties tends to be fun, filling and decadent. Hopefully, these ideas provide some inspiration for your corporate event planning this year.

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