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Fall Into Spring: Creative Seasonal Party Ideas
April 15, 2015

Spring is finally in the air, and we think the turning of the seasons calls for some serious celebration. The warmer weather opens up vast options in the event world; from outdoor venues to fresh, hand-picked ingredients, ideas for seasonal parties are in full bloom. Check out our roundup of themed fetes below, and don’t forget to check our Pinterest board for extra spring-spiration.

1. Bellini Brunch

Bellini Brunch

The only thing better than brunch? Brunch with bellinis. The classic Italian cocktail is a favorite for a reason, with vast flavor variations to suit anyone’s taste. By combining prosecco with fruit puree, Bellinis also add a colorful splash to any table. The classic Bellini is made with peach puree, however you can add your own twist on it with other fruit variations. Try raspberry, strawberry, or mango at your brunch party this spring. For larger groups, make a few different fruit purees and have your guests concoct their own cocktail creations.

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2. Earth Day Party

Earth Day Party

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and we think it makes for a perfect pairing for a Spring party. Go natural in the decorations by using potted plants and DIY crafts to create an earthy atmosphere. Menu-wise, going green is the move. Use tons of fruits, vegetables, and natural grains to put together your locally-grown recipes. Send guests home with these easy-to-make planted seed party favors that they can watch bloom and grow.

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3. Flower Arranging Fete

3.Flower Arranging Fete

Celebrate the beauty of spring with this hands-on activity. Cut some flowers from the garden, invite over some friends, and get your creative juices flowing. This party is best hosted on your porch or backyard, where floral arrangements can be displayed to evoke inspiration. Set out arranging supplies for each guest with different vase options. And as always, don’t forget the cocktails! Check out the Grand Gala Fizz or the Fiore Per Mama cocktail to add a sweet touch to the day.

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4. Ice Cream Social

4. Ice Cream Social

There’s no such thing as being too old for ice cream. Whether you’re hosting a party for the kids or satisfying your own sweet tooth, an ice cream social is the perfect way to welcome the warm weather. These mini hot fudge sundae cakes will be sure to impress, and guests will love creating their own desserts for your DIY sundae bar.

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5. Spring Greens Celebration

5. Spring Greens Celebration

Take “going green” to the next level. Decorate your table using beautiful green baby foliage, and come up with menu options for an all-green brunch buffet. Try chilled pea soup to start and pistachio macarons for dessert. For festive libations, create your own green cocktails. As long as other ingredients in the drink do not have a strong color of their own, you can utilize certain spirits to tint the liquid green. Try using Midori or sour apple schnapps for color, and use mint, limes or cucumbers to garnish appropriately.

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