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Event Tech Trends to Anticipate This Year
February 6, 2019

Can you believe it’s already 2019? Time seems to be flying by, but with that comes the excitement of the unveiling of brand new technology. Since technology is continuously evolving, we can only expect it to have a strong influence on the way we perform actions in all aspects of our lives, including corporate meetings and events. While certain technologies such as cell phones have introduced a distraction element to these events, there are ways to utilize new technology in order to better engage your audience. Here are some event tech trends to anticipate this year:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From Amazon’s Alexa to the Roomba, artificial intelligence has become a standard in most people’s homes. However, AI is also a very important and smart tool for businesses to use for their events. They have been shown to enhance attendee engagement because of their power to accurately match attendees to experiences that would most interest them.

The ability to help audience members get the most out of their event experience makes for an overall more positive interaction between the sponsors, hosts, and attendees. At the same time, this provides the hosts and sponsors with data on which experiences and interests are the most popular among the audience. Furthermore, AI is capable of deep learning, which means that it can pick up on logistical requirements needed for the next event.


Chatbots, another form of AI, have either minimized or fully taken over customer service roles in industries around the world. They are programmed to perform such tasks as answering simple questions, putting customers in contact with the right person/department, canceling an order/request, resolving a small issue, and etc. For example, on apps like Uber, you can get money back for an incomplete ride without ever talking to an actual human.

The key advantage of chatbots is that they allow companies to assist their customers 24/7. So even when a business is closed, they can still help a customer resolve a small issue or find a quick answer.

Recently, chatbots have made their way to corporate events, using such things as virtual hosts to represent companies in place of actual people. These chatbots are capable of providing guests with a wide array of answers and information about the company they are representing. Plus, this advanced technology intrigues the guests–more so than an ordinary booth would.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology is quickly gaining momentum and will likely become something that we use in our homes every day. It blends artificial images with the actual world, to make it look as though it was really there. This allows people to actually see what a person is talking about, rather than just attempt to visualize it in their minds.

As you can expect, this is perfect for corporate events, since audience members will actually see interactive visuals while the speaker is presenting. As a result, they will be able to understand and connect with the product or subject matter that is the focus of a presentation. To illustrate, a company with a new device for recording video can show you how it works through interactive imagery, rather than just try to explain it verbally. For any company struggling to improve attendee engagement, this is for you.

The Save the Date Philosophy on Technology

At Save the Date®, we take technology and combine it with 25-plus years of event planning experience, using the best of both to optimize the event experience for our clients and their guests. Our proprietary solutions range from online RSVP and check-in software, to dynamic registration processes for multi-session registration, to on-demand reports for expenses, demographics and more.

We also believe that technology is not only applications and systems, but also the cutting-edge production of décor, lighting and staging that can help improve branding and awareness for your company or event. That’s why you can count on the most modern staging and décor, state-of-the-art equipment, and dynamic multimedia experiences when you choose us for your corporate event.

We would love to speak to you today to find out more about your event to determine which solutions to recommend. There’s no obligation; just call us at 212-333-3283.

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