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Event Planner NYC Tips: Finding the Perfect Theme for your Birthday Party
April 10, 2014

Not every great birthday party has a carefully constructed theme behind it. We encourage event planners, NYC and abroad, to consider the themed party as an exciting way of creating memories that will last, but you need to keep the person of honor in mind when you are creating such plans in order to avoid a birthday party pitfall. Every Save the Date® Event Planner in NYC strongly encourages that you not plan a themed birthday party for someone that you don’t know well, or have a reliable source of information about. You need to understand how to select the perfect theme before you begin making preparations for your event in order to make sure the theme will be appreciated.

  • Rather than attempting to select a theme from a list of popular categories, start at the opposite end of the spectrum. Consider the person that the party is going to be for. Think about their favorite activities, what manner of show they enjoy watching or book they enjoy reading, what style of music they listen to, and their extracurricular activities. From this investigation, you will find that theme ideas will come to you, instead of you having to hunt for them.
  • Consider the age of the person the party will be for, and the appropriateness of your possible themes. The toga party experience may not be the most appropriate for a crowd of fifty-somethings, while the intricacies of the masquerade theme may be lost on a group of teenagers. Compare theme ideas with the possible guest list to determine the appropriateness of the situation.
  • Keep in mind that the legal drinking age in America is 21 years old. This concept is sometimes lost in translation, with adults believing that only the purchaser of the alcohol needs to be of legal age. If attendees of your party will primarily be younger than 21, consider relying on a theme that won’t have the presence of alcohol as an expectation.
  • Consider how the theme idea will go over with the proposed guests for the party before you finalize the plans. Remember that your theme needs to be easily understood on the event invitation, and not so overly complicated that your guests would feel the need to make special purchases just to attend. Situations that require specialized purchases can easily frighten potential guests away.
  • Think about the overall complexity of the birthday party theme and how difficult it will be to adequately host a party of this nature. Some themes may require special venues to be rented or specific decorations in order to make sense, while other themes can be easily created anywhere. Make certain that your decorations, including the goodie bags if you plan to include them, are age appropriate and fit in well with the overall theme.

Any event planner in NYC will tell you that once you have selected the correct theme, the rest of the party will quickly take shape around your idea. Have yourself or your NYC event planner make certain that all of the invited guests understand what the theme will be, including special instructions on the invitation concerning costuming expectations or RSVP requirements. Remember, as any event planner in NYC will tell you, sometimes the best theme you can pick for a birthday party is no theme at all.

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