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Creative Christmas and Hannukah Crafts
December 11, 2014

Christmas and Hannukah are almost here! And holiday decor is one of our favorite aspects of the holiday season. From gift giving to ornament decorating, there’s no shortage of creative ways to take on the holiday season. Check out our guide of the most fun and cost-effective ideas for Christmas and Chanukah this year.

1. Sparkly Pinecones


These simple and elegant decorations can be placed around the house or peppered on a tree.

Source + Instructions

2. Recycled CD Ornaments

xmas ornaments

Use your old CDs to make these eye-catching Christmas ornaments.

Source + Instructions

3. DIY Branch Menorah


Celebrate all eight nights of Hannukah with this elegant DIY menorah.

Source + Instructions

4. Menorahsaurus


Your little ones will love this crafty Hannukah centerpiece.

Source + Instructions

5. DIY Snowglobe


Perfect for a holiday gift or household decoration, these snowglobes bring a personalized touch to the holiday season.

Source + Instructions

6. Personalized Tea Gifts


Your secret santa giftee will love this tea set. Customize it to their liking and add your own handwritten touch.

Source + Instructions

7. Starlight Garland


Create your own holiday decorations for around the house. This garland is easy to make and will shine brightly.

Source + Instructions

8. Santa Silverware Holders


Adorable Santa-themed silverware holders that will spice up any table.

Source + Instructions

9. Hannukah Bush

hannukah bush

Create your own Hannukah bush and decorate it with gelt and dreidels.

Source + Instructions

10. Macaroni Christmas Trees

christmas mac

Simple, sparkly, and eye-catching decorations that will make for a fun family crafting project.

Source + Instructions

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