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Technology Trends to Watch in 2018 for Corporate Event Planning
December 6, 2017

Technology is playing an ever increasing role in corporate event planning. In fact, according to a new 2018 Event Planner Forecast, close to half of in-house event planners said they will add new technology next year in an effort to improve the planning and management of their events.

We’re not surprised by this because technology has a lot of benefits for planners. It can help us do our jobs more efficiently and often faster, and it provides us with all kinds of data and tracking capabilities about events, attendees and clients. It streamlines event processes like registration, through to audiovisual technology that enhances event experiences.

5 New Technologies for Corporate Event Planning
Here are some of the of new technologies that we believe have a lot of potential for use in corporate event planning, some of which are already starting to make waves in the industry:

-Drones – These little high-fliers can hover above crowds at parties and other events to take photos from angles that photographers just can’t get. They can also shoot 360-degree videos- meaning a completely new and interactive way of capturing your events.

-Facial Recognition – Many companies are releasing apps and software that allow users to verify themselves via facial recognition to perform various tasks. For example, Mastercard’s “Selfie Pay” lets users confirm their identity by taking a selfie.

-RFID Technology – This can be used for everything from streamlining registration so lines move faster at events to collecting data about what attendees do.

-Virtual Reality (VR) – VR is already being used at events to provide automated information to attendees at virtual information booths, but this emerging technology has the potential to do a whole lot more. Virtual Reality can be an interactive element used in many ways to create unique experiences for your guests.

-Multi-Use Apps – Apps are already impacting the industry, and new ones continue to be developed for all kinds of different event planning purposes. These range from helping event planners to manage their clients to helping attendees to manage their event schedules and network with each other on mobile devices. Klaxoon is one example of an app that planners can use to share information at events, conduct surveys, ask questions and more. Beep is another interesting app that uses Bluetooth technology to track where attendees go at an event and how much time they spend in each area which is beneficial for constant improvement of your event and program.

The Save the Date Philosophy on Technology
At Save the Date®, we take technology and combine it with 25-plus years of event planning experience, using the best of both to optimize the event experience for our clients and their guests. Our proprietary solutions range from online RSVP and check-in software, to dynamic registration processes for multi-session registration, to on-demand reports for expenses, demographics and more.

We also believe that technology is not only applications and systems, but also the cutting-edge production of décor, lighting and staging that can help improve branding and awareness for your company or event. That’s why you can count on the most modern staging and décor, state-of-the-art equipment, and dynamic multimedia experiences when you choose us for your corporate event.

We would love to speak to you today to find out more about your event to determine which solutions to recommend. There’s no obligation; just call us at 212-333-3283.

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