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Ariana Stecker of Save the Date® Featured on NY1 to Share Super Bowl Party Tips
May 14, 2014

Watch Ariana on NY1 Here!
Our very own, Ariana Stecker, was featured on NY1 sharing tips and tricks for the perfect Super Bowl bash! Watch the video and read on to get the full interview along with some exciting Super Bowl party games and extras!





Q: So what’s first?Stecker: You have to think about budget, you have to think about location. This one is great because it’s most likely at your place and you have to think about who you’re inviting.

Q: Are they there to watch the whole game, are they there for the half time show, are they there just to watch the commercials and socialize in between, and then you can plan accordingly.Stecker: It’s important to have mini events going on within the big event. So you want to have food stations, then you want to have games for the kids if you’re having young ones, you want to have a place for people to drink, a place for people to socialize and obviously a place for people to watch the game and really get into it.
Ariana says to go online for easy Super Bowl party planning. Order supplies, find party checklists, sample budgets, menus and decorating ideas.
“Brown and green are very easy to work with and build around. There’s a lot of cool food in green, like guacamole, so there’s a fun way to incorporate the colors and the game into your table setting or your food without really having to go the team colors,” says Stecker.
Other easy ideas include organizing sports trivia games or a Super Bowl pool, vote on the best commercials and give out simple party favors.

Q: What are some ideas for entertaining that won’t break the bank?Stecker: Turn your apartment into a photo booth souvenir, so you can print out a crowd of people as if you were in the stadium or the quarterback or the best player on the team and people can take pictures and that’s an instant share on Instagram or Facebook so your friends can see what a great time you’re having at the event.
And lastly the most important dos and don’ts of Super Bowl party planning.
“Don’t over do it and do anything where you’re not going to enjoy it the day of,” says Stecker. “It’s your party. Even though you’re the host, you need to be a guest and enjoy the day.”
And, of course, do know who is playing. It is the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. For many more great ideas go to our website.




Place your grass or green carpet on your tables and bar area. Then, plant Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks team flags into the turf to complete the look.
If you don’t want to go that far you can make coasters out of astroturf, too.
Get life-size posters of the teams’ MVPs and photograph guests with their favorite player – great for instagram.
Use colored plastic cups to identify fans for each team.
Serve a coffee liqueur – Seattle is known for their coffee.
Denver is an easy one – they are known for their beer!


On Super Bowl Sunday, having fun other than watching the game isn’t a penalty. Try these “sports.” Whatever Super Bowl party game you choose, your guests will feel like winners!

  • Play a Super Bowl Trivia Game: Write Super Bowl-related questions-the teams, the players, the states of Washington and Colorado-on index cards, and post them on a wall in the shape of a goal post. Or try football bingo. Use traditional bingo cards, and award prizes for cards that show the game score at the end of each quarter.

  • Super Bowl Product Placement Game: For me, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Advertisers pay millions of dollars to premiere new, creative commercials during the game. During each spot, let guests compete to guess the product first. Or ask your guests to rate the commercials, and then take a vote to determine who picked the best ones.

  • Super Nerf Bowl Games for Kids: For the pee-wee footballers on your guest list, keep them entertained with Nerf footballs in the team colors, a roll of craft paper to decorate with football-themed stickers and crayons, or a football-shaped piñata to break open during halftime.
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